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Cream Cheese Mushroom Dip

Mushroom Dip 3 cut small

As a busy Mami, I like recipes that are quick yet super tasty. This dip is an easy, hearty appetizer or snack. I first had it in Puerto Rico at my cousin Arlene’s house. I ate most of it.

Slightly decadent and melt-in-your-mouth yummy, I serve it with baked pita chips. Your guests will love you for this deliciousness!

Recipe below. ¡Buen provecho!


One bag of mushrooms (crimini, button)
Extra virgin olive oil
2 cloves garlic
Gigi’s Adobo
Black pepper to taste

1 8 oz package softened, room temp light cream cheese


Wash your mushrooms well. A word of caution, mushrooms are very porous and soak up lots of water.…

Camarones con Mojito (Shrimp with Salsa)

Shriimp Mojito 2

The days my Mami made mojito was a good day in the Achecar household. She would make mojito con camarones (shrimp) or langosta (lobster) or pollo. Best of all, she would fry up some tostones (fried plantains, green banana or yuca) to accompany the dish and serve it over white rice. That’s some yummy Puerto Rican eatin’!!

I made a variation of Mami‘s recipe last night. Because I’m a busy Mom, I made the mojito days ahead. So, last night, I just added shrimp after I reheated the salsa in a pot. I made a fabulous couscous with baby garbanzo beans and orzo, steamed some asparagus and, voilá, a fabulous and super fast meal!!…