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"Giselle is such an inspiration when it comes to living with "eco-tegrity". She absolutely walks the talk and has taught me so much about how to make my life, the life of the planet, and that of my children so much more enriched. Her spirit and positive energy are contagious and when you're around her, you feel invincible!"

-  Cynthia Pasquella, Celebrity Nutritionist and Holistic Life Coach; Co-Founder SoCalCleanse

“Giselle leads by example, is truly inspirational in her conviction, and has changed my outlook in so many ways as it pertains to being a healthier and more conscientious individual… She is truly a special person, and is an authority in the green movement that is sweeping our nation and beyond.  Spend a couple minutes with this dynamo, and you'll know exactly what I mean!”

-  Benito Seli, Playa del Rey, CA