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Marry Your Passion With Your Purpose

A Step-by-Step system for creating the life you are meant to live.

The Marry Your Passion With Your Purpose™ program teaches you how to get on the path to create a success mindset so you can fulfill your dreams with passion, purpose and ACTION.

How? In Six Steps.

Step One: Self-Assess
Examine your relationships with yourself, money, family, employment and your day-to-day life. Designed to deepen your self-awareness, Step One helps you face and break the obstacles keeping you from understanding what you’re meant to do.

Step Two: Uncover Your Passions
These exercises help you uncover what turns you on, lights your fire, keeps you focused. We all have our “hobbies”, our loves, those moments where we lose ourselves in doing and/or being. And here’s a secret, it’s usually not just one thing…

Step Three: Discover Your Purpose
If you know you’re meant for something more – a different legacy, this step will help you discover it. We’ll work together to specifically define your purpose and mission in life. That which you bring to this world because of who you are, you will give it your voice.

Step Four: Marry Your Passion With Your Purpose
The alchemy happens!

Step Five: Create Your Success Mindset
Most people hold themselves back because of a mindset that creates obstacles preventing the achievement of success. Now that you are more keenly aware of who you are, what you love to do and how you’re meant to do it, you must develop the mindset to move you into your new reality.

Step Six: Build Your New Venture
The architecture is incomplete without a framework to carry you forward. We work on developing the systems for your new venture, whether it be in life or business.

This success system requires you to be honest with yourself, to commit to finding your purpose in life and living it with passion.


6-Week Teleclass (January, 2012)
In this six-week teleclass, Giselle leads a community of like-minded individuals through the MYPWYP Six Step process. Every week Giselle focuses on a different Step, each with its individualized take-home materials and exercises.  On the 60-minute call, Giselle explains the materials then coaches participants on the line and answers questions emailed ahead of time.

Participants receive every class recording as an mp3 file.

Along with the weekly calls and on-the-line coaching, you have access to a community forum where you can virtually meet, mastermind and partner with fellow entrepreneurs around the globe.

Do not miss this life-changing event!

You can enroll in the Marry Your Passion With Your Purpose™ Community Teleseminar at the Early Bird Special price of ONLY $350 UNTIL DECEMBER 1, 2011, after whcih the rate goes up to $500.


Sign up by December 1, 2011 to receive a FREE 30-minute private coaching to use at any time during the 6-week teleclass!!

Please click here to enroll in the Marry Your Passion With Your Purpose™ 6-week Teleclass.

6-Month One-on-One with Giselle
For the most comprehensive, in-depth work, one-on-one coaching with Giselle is the choice for you! This level of individualized, personal attention includes 12 PRIVATE COACHING SESSIONS, DIRECT EMAIL ACCESS AND ONE BONUS SESSION to be used whenever you need during your program. This six-month commitment delves much deeper into your current paradigm and guides you through setting up systems to create your new passion-filled, purpose-driven venture.

You will work on a single step each month. The coaching calls are designed to address issues relating to each month’s step. There are two coaching calls per month. You will receive action steps during each session along with written exercises to be completed by the next session. Between sessions, you may email Giselle with questions or issues related to the work.

Each coaching session lasts 45 minutes. Giselle begins each session with individual coaching then leads you through that session’s exercise(s). You receive a recording of each session  for future reference.

Working at this level ensures a much more profound understanding of yourself and a more comprehensive paradigm shift, enabling you to create your new reality.

Enroll by January 1, 2012 to receive your Early Bird Special price of only $7500. On January 2, 2012, the program rate increases to $10,000.

The Early Bird price includes 12 PRIVATE COACHING SESSIONS, DIRECT EMAIL ACCESS AND ONE BONUS SESSION to be used when you need it during the program, as well as review of all self-assessment materials, a binder with templates and exercises, and recordings of your sessions.

Please click here to enroll in the Marry Your Passion With Your Purpose™ 6-Month Program.

100% Happiness Guarantee!
All of the Marry Your Passion With Your Purpose™ programs come with a 100% Happiness Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your program, simply contact us by the second class of the 6-week program or within the first month of the 6-month program and we will refund your money in full – no questions asked. You have nothing to lose! We want you to succeed. We want you to become a beacon of light for others to mirror. And we would love to be the ones to guide you there. We can’t wait to get started on this journey with you!