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Giselle Achecar is the vibrant creator of EcoRico, an eco-lifestyle brand, which includes the online sensation EcoRico cooking show, her inspirational blog, “Giselle’s Diary, and an organic line of adobos (all purpose seasonings) from Gigi’s Organics. Giselle also created the ground-breaking personal growth system “Marry Your Passion with Your Purpose”. A renowned eco-lifestyle expert, Giselle helps individuals, families and small business owners create a more balanced, eco-friendly home and business by making small changes with globally beneficial, long-term results. It doesn’t hurt that she saves you a buck too!

A sought-after speaker, Giselle spreads her message “Change Yourself, Change the World” to audiences across the globe. Her dynamism, optimism and compassion have inspired people to find their true purpose and live it with passion, eco-tegrity and a sense of adventure. Changing culture for the betterment of people and planet is her mission. And she lives it.

But life wasn’t always so salsa-rific for this Latina Super Mom. How did a six year-old kid who once prayed to a tree become a trailblazing eco-edutainer? It took two decades of constant re-boots for Giselle to finally marry her creative expertise with her earth-saving mission.

After receiving a law degree from Stanford University, Giselle became a public defender and child abuse expert in Dependency Court. She then freelanced as a civil and business litigator, until she left the practice of law completely to pursue her creative passions: writing and acting.

She wrote three studio-optioned televisions shows and appeared in too many never-before-seen indie films to recount. However, you may recognize Giselle from her extensive work in English and Spanish commercial campaigns for Walmart (Green Works), Verizon, Ford, McDonald’s, Wells Fargo, JC Penney, Sprint, Time Warner, Foster Farms, Dodge, Sears and many more. Or if you’re the gaming kind, you know Giselle as the voice of Buffy in the “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” games and animated pilot. She lives on as superheroes, dogs, penguins and countless villains in animated films, series and games (Happy Feet, Justice League Unlmtd, Spiderman, Predator, Ghost Recon IV, Taifu, to name a few). You’ve heard her in hundreds of voiceovers (currently as the Spanish voice of Cirque du Soleil). Que vida loca!

Until… a crisis of conscience.

Divorced and disillusioned, Giselle knew she was meant for more. An environmental steward, she preached “green” to anyone, even if she didn’t really understand what it meant! To her, being green was an esoteric movement of neo-hippies and self-righteous new Moms (of which she was one). But the six year old girl who once prayed to a tree was alive in her – hopeful, vibrant and on a mission. Giselle got busy creating a new life for herself and her intelligent, imaginative, dancing five-year-old daughter.

Giselle spent two years researching and vetting thousands of companies, products and people doing the work that would save the planet. She figured out that green = earth friendly. She decided to expose these earth-saving products and dedicated herself to making it easy, inexpensive and fun for anyone to create an eco-life. And, as the clutter cleared from her brain, a miracle happened.

The “Divine Download” arrived one night in a car, salsa blasting. ECO-RICO! The energy-saving CFL in Giselle’s brain illuminated. Eco-edutainment serving people and planet with passion. The beginning of a movement. The manifestation of everything she had prepared for during her dark days. The marriage of passion and purpose!

In 16 days, the first two episodes of Eco-Rico were shot. Her guest chefs? Mom, daughter and friend. Within four months, the Eco-Rico brand was developed – a cooking show; a line of organic, Fair Trade adobo seasonings; a step-by-step personal growth system.

And none of it would exist without the inspiration, love and support of the women in Giselle’s life. It was in the kitchen that Giselle learned to cook, dance and respect the wonder of food. The spiritual need for healthy, toxin-free sustenance. Giselle’s passion for cooking began early in her mother’s and grandmother’s kitchens. The smells, the tastes, the sharing of meals made with love for family and friends. The recipes, never written, were passed from mother to daughter generation after generation. Meals that nourish the soul as well as the belly.

Cooking and sharing a meal is a ritual Giselle believes brings people together in love, understanding and gratitude. In keeping with tradition, Giselle and her daughter concoct exciting new variations of old-world feasts in their kitchen. These are the recipes you’ll find at Eco-Rico.

Giselle received a BA in Political Science and French from Duke University. A native Spanish speaker, Giselle also speaks French and Italian. If you watch and listen closely, you’ll hear Giselle speak all those languages and more in her show.

So what’s next for this eco-mompreneur? A complete line of Eco-Rico organic, Fair Trade adobos (all-purpose seasonings), staple Island foods (Giselle makes yummilicious black beans!) and sustainably sourced and manufactured kitchen products. But that’s not all… To build on her belief in holistic health for people and planet, Giselle will expand her “Marry Your Passion With Your Purpose” programs to include wealth coaching as a certified Money Breakthrough Method coach. Because the more health and wealth each of us has, the more resources we contribute to healing our global village. That’s Eco-Rico, baby!