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EcoTip: What to Buy Organic

Sometimes buying all organic food isn’t an option – whether due to price or lack of availability. What to do? Shop smarter! Know what foods you MUST buy organic.

Here’s a quick guide to the foods most laden with toxic pesticides in 2010. When all else fails, SHOP LOCAL. Locally grown fruits and vegetables are a safer bet than those grown in far-away lands that have been picked too early and shipped thousands of miles by dirty diesel ships to reach your local grocery. Without further ado, the dirty dozen.

1. Celery

    Without protective skin, you can’t wash off the pesticides on this crunchy veggie.

2. Peaches

    62 nasty pesticides have been detected on these delicately skinned fruits. Yuk!

3. Strawberries

    Imported = dirty. Even domestic berries can be laced with up to 62 different different pesticides.

4. Apples

    42 different pesticides detected on these cruncherifous fruits.

5. Blueberries

    Alas, this berry is treated with as many as 52 pesticides!

6. Nectarines

    Along with apples and peaches, nectarines are the dirtiest tree fruit.

7. Bell Peppers

    Tests have found 49 pesticides on these sweet delights.

8. Spinach

    My beloved leafy green is one of the most contaminated with as many as 48 different pesticides.

9. Kale

    Usually a hardier veggie, in 2010 it had lots of pesticide residue.

10. Cherries

    Gov’t testing has found 42 different pesticides on cherries.

11. Potatoes

    America’s favorite veggie can be laced with as many as 37 different pesticides.

12. Imported Grapes

    Domestic good; imported bad.

There you have it. Buyer beware! Know what you’re putting into your temple and those of your family. A smarter shopper is a healthier human!

Thank you to The Daily Green for providing the above information. Click here to learn more.

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