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Maria Achecar

My name is Maria Achecar and I live in the home of the “y’all come back you hear”, people. I am Giselle’s mother and Adriana’s favorite grandmother. This last summer I decided that I missed them too much and I needed to pay a visit for a week or so. I usually take my white gloves every time I go to Giselle’s house to “inspect” and see if she is being a good “domestic engineer”. Well, I did not expect that the visit was going to be that “busy”. Giselle had planned not only for me to clean and get ready for her EcoRico program, but also to make me a “MOVIE STAR”.

The day before the filming, we both worked so hard, especially Giselle, that that night she had to go to bed exhausted and I had to finish cleaning her kitchen like I usually do, spick and span. We could hardly get up the day of her program, but we did and had to get finished before everybody got there to start filming.

I never realized what a busy day it was going to be. We took gazillion takes, which took all day. Thank goodness the puertorican chicken with onions was delicious. After we had so much wine with every take, I thought the chicken was going to be overcooked, but it came out perfect, especially important was that everything was organic and fresh. What a big difference!

I did not expect to have such good fun and excitement. We danced our “salsa” while cooking and drank a little wine and enjoyed so much having Ana and Adriana dancing with us. Adriana was our special helper and she really had a great time helping to prepare the meal. Also, Jimmy, our cameraman, loved all we did and I know the best part for him was eating all the “yummy” food.

As I said before, I never knew how much work it takes to organize, direct, produce and act in a program. I am so proud of my daughter! I believe she did a wonderful job. And, of course, I loved participating. I would do it again!

–   Maria Achecar, Giselle’s Mom and Guest Chef.

Adriana Achecar

I love EcoRico because we make lots and lots of food. And I love dancing. That’s my really favorite part.

I love EcoRico because the food tastes so good. I wanted it a lot. I like cooking because it tastes so good. My favorite part was the chicken. It tasted really good.

We cook a lot and I love the food so much. And I always eat the food because it tastes so good.

I like the lights and the camera and Jimmy. (She sings) “Jimmy’s gonna get some food in his belly. Jimmy’s gonna get some food in his belly. Jimmy’s gonna get some food in his belly!” I like that part A LOT.

I like the customers [the Guest Chefs] because they help us for EcoRico. My Mom and the chefs make the food. Both.

Because the food is so tasty, next time I want it with pepper.

–  Adriana, Giselle’s progeny and Sous-Chef.

Jimmy Alioto

Working with Giselle is a blast, plain and simple. She’s got this
contagious energy that just doesn’t stop. You’ve got this exciting
atmosphere, where ideas are flying left and right, and she somehow is
able to reel it all in and create an amazing production – its
something to see!! I love, love working with her and watching her
creativity and professionalism somehow meld into something that works
~ not only works, but becomes this final product of super high
quality. Can’t wait to get in on the next production!

Jimmy Alioto, EcoRico Director of Photography and wine enthusiast.

Ana Caban

Being a Guest Chef on Eco-Rico TV has probably been the most fun that I have had as a TV Host. Giselle’s insight, vision, energy and message are just astounding. She has created something truly unique and extraordinary with Eco Rico TV. Being on set, in her kitchen, is like being a guest to an intimate party.  (And I don’t mean a stuffy dinner party. It’s a fun-filled salsa, dance party, with delicious and nutritious cuisine). I just love how Giselle makes “raising your eco-tegrity™” so easy and so much fun! Between the salsa dancing, mojito making & edu-taining the two episodes that I participated in, so far, have been ¡fantásticos! I can’t wait until the launch of Eco Rico TV, and to see it BLOW UP, (which it will, mis amigos, it will).

Gracias Giselle, for allowing me to be a part of this trail blazing adventure!

–  Ana Cabán, The Good Life Guru, Guest Chef and Stylist,

Renaldo Primas

I had a great/fun time working on the set. Definitely impressed by the entertaining and ‘spicey’ way the material is presented. Let Giselle be Giselle. You’ll get the message.

Renaldo Primas, behind-the-scenes monitor watcher.