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Rave Reviews

*These are actual unedited comments. Last names left off to protect the innocent! Enjoy!

You HAVE to watch the 1st episode of my friend Giselle’s creation!!! SO much fun and can’t wait to make this SIX aphrodisiac filled salad!! Wahooooo!!!
– Anita

Bravo Giselle!!!! Well done, very enthusiastic it was fun to watch. :–) I love the fact drinking mojitos makes me “Greener”.
– Javier

Giselle, this is awesome! You are so Lucille-Ball-funny and Rachel-Ray cute! Love it.
– Amy

You are hysterical, Giselle. And can’t wait to make that salad.
– Juliet

Fun EcoRico show. Congrats. The salad did look yummy!!
– Flavia

Saw the ECORICO episode! Salsero que tiene Giselle!!! Love it Mama! Congrats! Besitos!!!
– Susana

We rock!!! (If I may say so myself). LOL. :)  You did? it!!! ¡Felicidades, sista’!
– Ana

I Love how you say “IT’s ECO RICO TIME!!” You are a superstar. You look fab too!!
– Leslie

Looks good! Too much FUN!
– Gaby

So, so very EXCITING, my friend! You were fabulous in this & can’t wait to see more. What a wonderful project. You & your house look great!
– Alison

Best wishes on your new venture!
– Kristen

Very nice! Looks exciting and wonderful.
– Kinga

fun fun fun~ kudos to u!~
– Cathy

This is awesome Giselle! (And I get to learn new Spanish words too!)
– Andy

FABULOUS!!!!! I loved the episode!! You two are too much fun together! cant wait to see the site!
– Amanda

F’ing loved it ! You’re a superstar baby! This is going to blow up, I can feel it.  I’ll spread the good word.  Much Love. Watch out Giselle, here comes the universe 😉
– Geoffrey

– Mom

Felicidades en tu nuevo programa.  Me encanto.   Mucho exito.
– Arlene

Giselle looks amazing and I made the salad tonight for dinner. I love it and enjoyed it!
– Vicky

Great segment and LOVED the outfits… LOVED, LOVED them!
– Rhonda

She needs her own show on Foodnetwork!!!!
– Carson

esta muy bueno. suerte a Giselle
– Sylvia

I loved Eco-Rico!!!  the clip I saw was great.  Carson and I had a ball watching it.  She looked fantastic in that dress.
– Joanna

If you had not made your appearance as our hostess, that gorgeous salad would have been the best-looking creature on the show!  You look fabulosa — and I am definitely going to try that salad.  (I also need my crunch) Have a dinner party in a couple of weeks in the neighborhood — may just try it!
– Andy

I thought this was so cute.  I hope it is a big success for you, Giselle, and Maria, I know you are proud of your daughter.  Can’t wait to try the salad.
– Janie

Esta tremendo y asi mismo es ella.
– Helga

Thanks!  I loved it!
– Dmitra

EcoRico es Fantastico. Really loved it. I think you’re a natural and that you really have something here.
– Geoffrey

So very excellent.  Mojitos ARE a chore!  Good luck with it Giselle!
– Eric

LOVED it!  You guys were great – and I loved your coordinated outfits.  Very fun – and I got verrrry hungry watching it. Congratulations!
– Marty

giselle, wow! what fun , the two of you look muy caliente & the energy & fun of it all is  contagious!
– Maggy

Very fun!  It looks great.  Very you by the way… Best of luck.  I hope that millions find it and love it.
– Danita

Prima querida!!! Estuvo brutal!!! Me allegro por esta nueva etapa…MUCHOOO EXITO!!!!!! Voy a ahacer la ensalada…se veia bien yuuuummmmyyyyyy!!!!! Al final casi borrachita con los mojitos…jijijjiji
Un besote!!!!
Te felicito ,
Un abrazo,
– My Cousin Arlene

Rock and Roll Amiga! Fantastico!
– Sue

You and Ana are hilarious….
– Jimmy

Move over Rachael Ray, there’s? a new Latin diva in the kitchen and she’s on fire! Congratulations and much success!!!
– Benito

Loved the episode G! Loved the salad, the mojitos, and especially the dresses! The? heartland wishes you the best of luck in this new adventure. Felicidades!
– Marian

Omg? you girls are awesome. I hope a million people watch your show!
– Erin

Loved? it Giselle. Can’t wait to see the others.
– Renaldo