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Why Peace is Green

I’ve been getting questions about this particular philosophy. So I thought I’d explain it. At first, I thought: how obvious, of course peace is green! Mother Earth gives and loves unconditionally and so should we. I believe that in my core. Without the air, water and food provided by our home, we are extinct, dead, kaput. Arrivederci humans.

We have a personal responsibility to take care of the planet and each other to reap the rewards of LIFE in all its magnificence.

We live in a symbiotic relationship with the planet and we’ve become her parasites. Not all of us, but some of us. Those individuals who live under a black cloud, miserable, thinking only of themselves and the next buck they’ll make regardless of its impact not only on future generations, but their own neighbors. If there’s a person I don’t respect, it’s that person. Uncaring, ignorant and blind by choice. Not green. Not peace.

If the earth is sick, so are we.
If our soil is pesticide-ridden, so are we.
If our water is full of chemicals, so are we.
If our air is toxic, so are we.

And by extension, if the earth is healthy, so are we.
There’s no getting around it. Symbiosis.

So what is peace?

Webster’s defn: “a state of harmony among people”; “freedom from dispute or dissension”; “freedom from war or violence”; “a condition conducive to, proceeding from or characterized by tranquility”. Sounds good to me.

What would happen if the world and its individuals lived in peace? Maybe we could focus on what’s important – feeding our people for one. You know how I love to eat. I’m sure everyone else does as well…

And then I went further: At what price PEACE?

Some would argue that violence is necessary to create peace – a state of non-violence. Aside from its utter incongruity, it makes no sense. With this philosophy, you perpetuate a state of non-peace. You continue the cycle of dissension, discord, dis-harmony, never achieving your purported end – peace. Violence is not the means to non-violence. That’s just plain crazy.

So, if you’re wondering whether I agree with green violence, Eco-Nazis or any other Nazis, the answer is an emphatic NO. I could extrapolate to the state of our public policies, but that discussion would require books, and this is a pithy blog. Suffice it to say, I side with Gandhi.

So what is green? In two words, green is earth friendly.
What is earth friendly? Anything that promotes the health of the planet.
Does peace promote the health of the planet? Uh, yeah!

Happy people don’t want to blow up the planet. They want to save it. Harmony, tranquility and freedom from violence promote a global society focused on the Golden Rule. When we are in harmony with the planet, we actively maintain a mutually beneficial relationship that promotes the health and well-being of the planet AND its inhabitants. That is why Peace is Green.

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