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The Right Dance Partner

One of my greatest pleasures is slipping on a sexy dress and heels and dancing. With the right partner, it’s effortless. We move across the floor in unison, following, leading, laughing, supporting. If we mess up, we try again. If we step on each other’s toes, we apologize and laugh it off. No judgment, no criticism, no drama.

A great dance partner brings out the best in you. You each explore creative new moves. You patiently practice intricate new steps, constantly improving. You read your partner, simply, through touch, sight and sound. His goal: to support you, guide you and have fun in the process. Her goal: to follow, flow and have fun in the process. The process makes each of you better.

A great dance partner gives you the confidence to improvise and add your own style. With him or her you feel safe, supported and supremely desired. This partner makes you feel SPECIAL.

The right dance partner only has eyes only for me and I for him. We’re 100% there for each other. If the dance gets clumsy, we re-commit to listening, following, leading, guiding. When he spins me, he trusts I’ll follow. When he dips me, I trust – without a doubt – he’s got my back. That, my friends, is partnership.

At the end of my last relationship, I was so depleted I had no desire to dance. I was sapped of joy for something I LOVE to do, for something which makes my soul sing. Repeated emotional poundings do that to you. They drain you, make you question yourself and act in ways you never have. That’s the wrong dance partner.

The wrong dance partner takes you off course and makes you forget Who You Really Are.* The way he leads creates anxiety. His indifference chisels away at your self-esteem. His lack of commitment makes you feel unwanted. This man needs lessons in compassion, forgiveness and self-love. And he will get them, just not from you.

Because you, my friend, will find a dance partner who fills you with appreciation and passion for the dance – and your role in it. Your dance partner will guide you effortlessly yet firmly, with deep, honest love. The result: confidence and unbridled joy.

With the right dance partner you have the freedom and acceptance to fail, succeed and express who you are without reservation or recrimination. That, dear ones, is Bliss.

*Gentlemen, this post applies to you equally. So sub that fab woman in as your lovely partner.

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