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The New Golden Rule

I spend a lot of time thinking about The Golden Rule. Treat others as you want others to treat you. For Earth Day (and every day), I’m gonna create a New Golden Rule: treat the earth as you want her to treat you. Or, better yet – treat the Earth as you treat yourself.

Do you go months without a shower? Then spray yourself with insecticides to keep the bugs off? Dump toxic waste down your gullet? Leave trash in your hair? No? Then why pray tell would you do that to your home – the planet? After all, isn’t your home a reflection of you?

Of course, if you do treat yourself like caca, then you already treat everyone around you like caca. That’s not gonna help anyone, least of all the planet. Which is why I LOVE to tell anyone who’ll listen – “Happy people don’t want to blow up the planet. They want to save it.”

Our health and the earth’s health are inextricably linked. If you’re walking around with a black cloud over your head, you could care less about anyone or anything around you. You’re in survival mode. That’s why maintaining your emotional and spiritual health is critical to serving people and planet. There are many ways to take care of yourself, one of them is by serving others. Yes, that includes the earth. In giving, we receive threefold. What an excellent return!

If you don’t like how others are treating you, treat them differently. By extension, if you don’t like how the earth is treating you (acid rain, dirty air, mass extinctions, crazy weather patterns), treat her differently. Because as the earth goes, so go we.

I recently had the great fortune of seeing Captain Paul Watson, the founder of Sea Shepherd, at the Go Green Expo. You may have seen him on Whale Wars. He makes “controversial” statements. Here’s an example: “worms are more important than people”. Huh? The Captain posits that worms do not need people to survive on this planet. They simply make soil as they have for billions of years – with or without us. However, people need worms to survive. Cause without worms there’s no soil. No soil, no plants. No food. Without biodiversity, we perish. Next time you mush a worm, think about the veggies and fruits you won’t be eating as a result. What’s my point? We are all connected, my friends. It bears repeating – as the earth goes, so go we.

You may not believe the earth is a living, breathing entity. I do. You may not believe energy attracts like energy. I do. You may not believe in anything but the power of one – you. If that’s so, then I will simply say, when you do something good for the planet, you do something good for yourself. Why? Because with no Earth, there is no you.

So the next time you want to toss your non-biodegradable gum out the car window, think it won’t matter if your one plastic bottle isn’t recycled, buy pesticide-laden fruits and veggies because they’re $.20 less or throw those old clothes you think no one needs in the trash, please remember this: small steps lead to big leaps. You make a difference. It’s one less piece of gum on the road, one less plastic bottle in the Pacific’s sea of plastic bottles, one organic farmer who gets paid and one homeless person warmed with your used clothes.

Every little thing you do to make our planet a less toxic, happier place to live affects every living creature around you, including yourself.

Let’s all live by the New Golden Rule. We’ll be happier, healthier and wealthier for it.

Happy Earth Day!

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