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The Birth of Eco-Rico

I can’t move. I’m collapsed on a dining room chair. Around me, empty plates, wine bottles, lights. Laughter.

My Mom washes an enormous stack of dishes in my soon-to-be-famous kitchen. My daughter plays with imaginary friends. My boyfriend cleans up a crazy mess. Jimmy, the cameraman, uploads the day’s footage to a hard drive. I look at my phone. 8:31 pm.

Tears well. I am utterly, deliriously exhausted and spent. Thank God for my family and friends.

Their faith in me and my vision has never wavered. They have shown up ready for whatever the day would bring. They have laughed at my jokes and suffered through my crankiness. They have been nourished by my food, and I by their wisdom.

16 days. To the minute.

Exactly 16 days ago this minute, Ana and I were driving home from Montecito, California after an intensive workshop with our business coach. We were recounting the day to Ana’s husband on the bluetooth, salsa music blasting, when those magic words nonchalantly spilled from her mouth. ECO-RICO.

You know the eerie silence just before a storm, the stillness before the apocalypse? That definitely did not happen to us.

Oh, there was a momentary silence. But it was us knowing that my world had irrevocably changed in that instant. We SCREAMED! ECO-RICO!! Hysterical joy overtook us. Ana’s husband had no idea the epic lunacy unleashed in that hybrid. We danced, we shimmied, I cried. The next instant the first two episodes of Eco-Rico popped into my head. Clear as the night sky.

Thank God for my family and friends.

I am awed by the power of passion, purpose and faith. In 16 days I manifested something I hadn’t manifested in 17 YEARS. And I know without a shadow of a doubt that without their inspiration and support, it wouldn’t have happened for another 17. But it has. And for the record, my friends are family.

Episodes 001 and 002 of Eco-Rico have been shot. Today. 172 minutes of footage that I have to edit down to 24. Somehow, it will happen. I know it in my bones. I knew it the second I was blessed with the Divine Download.

I slide my chair back. Somewhere, I find the energy to get up and kiss my daughter and boyfriend. I trudge into the kitchen and thank my mother – so devoted, so supportive and so unabashedly willing to do whatever it takes to help me fulfill my dreams. Thanks Mom.

Jimmy works fervently, winding cables, packing up light kits. The man doesn’t stop. Cause he loves what he does. He’s energized by the process.

I pull a chair up to his computer, ask a couple questions. We’re digging in. Again. Cause there’s work to do. And we love it. I’m on a mission. Wind at my back. That wind supports me. And its name is Family.

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