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Rosemary Bread Loaf

Rosemary Bread 2

The smell of fresh bread permeates the house. Adriana can’t wait to eat it – warm, thick, crunchy on the outside, perfect texture on the inside. Doesn’t need anything on it, though a smear of goat cheese and apricot preserves would be lovely. This loaf is a new family favorite. As my 8 year old says: “It’s the best bread I’ve ever had, Mami.”

The secret? Techinique, of course. The right amount of yeast (1 TBL), rise time (three rises – 30, 30, 10) and kneading (lots), organic ingredients and a sprinkle of course salt on top. Perfection!

Here’s the dough after it’s first rise. It doubled in size. I punched it down quickly, let it rise again. Then put it in the loaf pan and let it rise a third time.
Rosemary Bread 9

I brushed it lightly with egg white to give it a gorgeous golden brown color.

Now you may think this is what it looked like the first time I made it. You’d be sadly mistaken. The first time I got a rock hard, salty loaf with potential. So don’t get discouraged if the first time you don’t get perfection like I did this second time. Baking is a combo of science and love.

So where’s the recipe you ask? You’re gonna have to wait for me to make it on the EcoRico show! So stay tuned… I’m testing more fab recipes in the EcoRico kitchen.

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Rosemary Bread 3

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Rosemary Bread 7

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