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Our Universal Bounty

If you’ve been following my posts and pics on EcoRico’s facebook page here, you know I have the most glorious mutant tomato plant. Laugh, go ahead. Then take a gander at those ripe luscious tomatoes! I have NEVER in my life seen a plant produce such bounty. To date, I’ve picked hundreds and hundreds of tomatoes from ONE plant.

And guess what? I didn’t even plant it! This plant is growing in my yard amongst patches of grass and weeds between a bougainvillea and rose bushes. I suspect a bird dropped seeds or the wind or … The Squirrel. One day, there was a seedling. And I left it there. To grow.

I gave Adriana the “chore” of watering it. My sprinklers did the duty as well. And it grew. And grew. And grew.

Little flowers sprouted. Then green tomatoes. Then red tomatoes. We picked a basket with probably 50 or 60 at first. The next basket had 70. On and on it went. Last night I picked our TENTH basket and left another basketful on the plant. You can see why I call it mutant.

What you don’t know is I have two tomato plants, neither of which I planted. The other sprouted in a pot. Come to think of it, must be that damn squirrel that eats my fruit all year and the neighbor’s. Fat bugger. Anyhoo, the potted plant is teeny tiny with teeny tiny tomatoes. Too few to fill half a basket.

So, I got to thinking. What have I done to create the monster producer? NOTHING. It’s in the earth where its roots can spread out in comfort. It gets lots of fresh, clean water. And sun. It’s smack dab in the middle of all-day sunshine. Soil, water and sun. Natural and simple. Simple. Simple. Leads to expansion. Expansion. Expansion.

As I was filling the basket last night, I decided there’s a life lesson here.

My mutant monster is subsisting on the universal basics for a plant. More specifically THAT plant. It’s getting lots of those basics, and they haven’t been artificially manufactured or engineered. There are no chemicals or petroleum bi-products involved. Just soil (room to grow unfettered), water (plumping roots, stems, leaves and fruit) and sunlight (leading to photosynthesis which creates the plant’s own food) in abundance.

Adriana and I have also noticed that the more consistent the watering, the sweeter the fruit. Hmmm. It just does what it does on its own so long as it gets a consistent supply of what it needs to self-manufacture its “food”.

You know the next question – what’s our natural “food”? What is it that makes us monster producers? I considered this question on my hike today. Naturally, the answer came while outdoors…

Each of us has our own RDA of basic nutrients. Just like my mutant tomato plant needs lots of water, my bougainvillea needs less water. So it is with you and me.

My basic nutrients are love, patience, forgiveness, gratitude. I prefer lots of all, though some days I need more of one than the others. Patience, anyone?

Now why would these basic ingredients make me a monster producer? Because when I have my basics in abundance, I’m HAPPY, PRODUCTIVE, HEALTHY AND HELPFUL.

How YOU get there is up to you knowing what you need to find balance, grow and prosper as a spiritual being. Of course, the list could include community, money, etc. But, let me just posit that a rich jerk is probably miserable to be with in community. Perhaps abundance of your personal nutrients leads to abundance of those other “nutrients”… Jus’ sayin’.

In the end, we each need to figure out the recipe for our own RDA of “self-food”. And then LET GO cause they’re in our DNA. Fancy that – our very own personal universal bounty.

Pushing, pulling and force-feeding doesn’t help. Chemical additives and genetic engineering don’t make a tomato better for you. Just the opposite. Same with gnashing of teeth, fretting and worrying. Yeah, I know I’ve done them all. That’s when abundant forgiveness comes in!

Nature has a way of KNOWING AND PROVIDING IN ABUNDANCE if you let Her. I’m always happier when I have the love, patience, forgiveness and gratitude to remember that – often.

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