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Our First Guest Blogger!

January 10, 2011

┬íHola EcoRicans! As a big welcome to 2011, we have our first Guest Green Blogger. If you recall from our Holiday Green Tips, I believe KINDNESS IS GREEN. Why? Because Mother Earth gives and loves unconditionally. Anything that inspires us to practice the Golden Rule is green – music, writing, videos…

Meet Tiamo De Vettori, a singer/songwriter from San Diego, who spreads the same message I do. Change Yourself. Change the World. Whereas I do it through your belly, he does it with his music. Check him out here. This man is EcoSexy! Posted here with his permission is an inspiring email I received from Tiamo titled “My conversation with Jason Mraz…” Be the dream my friends.

Hello friends and supporters,

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to hang out with Jason Mraz. While Jason has been a musical inspiration to me, he shared something during our conversation that really impacted me. Now, I want to share it with you.

Considering that Jason has won a Grammy and holds the record for the longest standing single (“I’m Yours”) on the top 100 charts, you would think that he would have all kinds of profound advice for me about reaching stardom in the music industry. But, delightfully and surprisingly enough, Jason told me something so simple, yet so memorable…

“I don’t know a thing about how to make it in the music business. All I know is that I do what I love with all my heart, and because of this, the right people keep showing up in my life over and over again. They take my love for music and turn it into a business. My job is to just keep creating and keep giving.”

giaroseSo, here’s what I walked away with that I believe relates to your life and mine.

The most important thing is to not get so worried about the “how” in life. The universe is begging for us to just put things in motion. It’s like an excited child, waiting for us to find our gift, then open it up to the world. So, my question to you is this…

How can we expect the universe to carry our dream for us if we don’t give it the very thing it needs to carry?

What we’re responsible for is to do what we love the most. Then, as we’re doing and being what we love, the universe will figure out the how. We just have to keep showing up. Sometimes, over and over again.

So many times, we over-think “how” we’re going do it that we do the worst thing of all…we don’t do it!

Jason told me that he simply committed to doing what he loves…no matter what. So, here’s my invitation to you.

Stop worrying about how your dream is going to work. Just start working on your dream. The time will never be “right” or “perfect”. If you wait for it to be “perfect”, it won’t happen. All that has occurred is that you will have hid behind the “it’s-not-perfect-yet” excuse that is a form of self-sabotage.

And if you’ve already been pursuing a dream and you’re feeling defeated? Get up, get back up. Keep creating…and don’t believe your unsupportive thoughts.

Is there a new song in there somewhere? You better believe it. It’s already been written. And it’s going to be on my next album. More to come soon…

Be the dream,


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