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I honor that in you which makes us all One.

Namaste is a term and gesture of respect in the yogic tradition. Literally, it is translated as “Nama” – bow, “as” – I and “te” – you. I bow to you. It is a form of connecting between souls from one heart chakra to another.

When we honor others, we honor ourselves (and vice versa). I have written about this in many forms. Remember “When we help others, we help ourselves”? We are inextricably linked to each other and our planet. This thought is ages old. Hence, the very term “Namaste”.

Energy is simply energy. In this dimensional plane, we see it manifested physically as people, mountains, color, etc. As we know from basic physics, energy is never lost. It simply changes form. If that’s the case, then all energy is One.

Now I know what you’re thinking –  (we’re all One after all…) Giselle’s off her rocker. She’s gone to an ashram. We’ve lost her forever!

Fear not, EcoRicans. I am simply waxing philosophical on a topic very dear to my heart (chakra).

I live by the Golden Rule – do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

WHY?! Because of Namaste. Because all energy is energy. Because when we hurt another soul, we hurt our own. When one suffers, all suffer. And by extension, when one blisses out, another blisses out. When we put out happiness, another person feels it. That’s why when you smile at someone, s/he FEELS the warmth of connection and hopefully smiles back.

Ever felt the community uplift in a room full of people focused on one goal, engaged in a singular purpose or activity? All that energy intensifies each individual experience, which in turn elevates the group experience.

So I was meditating on Namaste. The beauty of its meaning. The peace of it fills me with gratitude for life. Honoring you makes me a better person. Cause I know that when I’m more loving and giving, I inspire growth in others. And I am happy. See how that perfect circle of energy works?

I honor that in you which makes us all One.

Namaste, my friends. Thank you for being in my life.

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