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Mangoes – the Eco Sexy Fruit

Mangoes Ep. 007When I was a little girl, my Abuela had the most beautiful, healthy mango tree in her back yard. This tree was magnificent. It produced the best mangoes I have ever had the great fortune to eat. I ate so many at one time, my family told me I’d get sick. But I never did. I just let mango juice drip down my fingers, hands and face as I picked and peeled another with my hands. Little did I know, I was eating one of the world’s most nutrient dense fruits.

Mangoes are known as the “king of fruit” or in the EcoRico kitchen – “the queen of fruit”. You can watch me gush about my love for mangoes in our video “Eat Mangoes!” here . And a big thanks to for supplying me with the delectable Organic Kent Mangoes from Peru in the picture to the right!

High in iron, mangoes are great for pregnant women and people with anemia. One cup of sliced mangoes contains 76 % of the RDA of vitamin C, a potent antioxidant, which protects cells from free radical damage and reduces the risk of cancer.

That same cup supplies 25% of the RDA of vitamin A, which promotes good eyesight, and contains digestive enzymes that break down proteins and aid digestion. The beta-carotene, vitamin E and selenium in mangoes protect against heart disease. A fresh mango masque opens the skin’s clogged pores.

And, most importantly, did you know mangoes are an aphrodisiac? The Vitamin E in mangoes helps regulate sex hormones and boosts your sex drive. I love the “queen of fruit”! So eat your mangoes Eco-Ricans! With a low glycemic index, this delicious delicacy won’t increase blood sugar levels, but it will increase your eco-sexiness.

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