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Herbes de Provence

Herbes de ProvenceIf you checked out EcoRicoTV this week, you saw the “Caramelized Brussels Sprouts” video. Super delish vegan goodness seasoned with a blend of herbs called Herbes de Provence. My mouth is watering, as I write. One of our viewers asked a great question: “What is Herbes de Provence?” So, inspired, I wrote this column.

Herbes de Provence is a mixture of dried herbs, which are typically used in Southern French cooking. Hence, the name meaning “herbs from Provence, France”. Of course, one can add whatever one wants to the blend, but typical herbs used in the region include thyme, basil, savory, marjoram and fennel.

The combo I used in the video? Thyme, fennel, basil, rosemary, marjoram and, la piece de resistance, lavender flowers, which grow all over Provence. All organic, of course. Make up your own combo and wow your friends.

You can use Herbes de Provence on meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, soups, salads. Yes, it’s an incredibly versatile seasoning blend. And, it’s good for you!

How? Well, basil helps fight inflammation. Thyme aids in relieving congestive ailments and sore throat. Fennel is great for digestion. Lavender relaxes you and eases anxiety.

And, to bring it home to EcoRico, Brussels Sprouts are one of the most nutrient-dense vegetables on the planet! But you’ll get all that info in next week’s EcoTip “The Health Benefits of Brussels Sprouts”. So stay tuned, EcoRicans, and keep the comments coming!! Write me, and I’ll write back.

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