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Helping Others

I like to say: “Helping others, we help ourselves. Helping ourselves, we help others.” I’m gonna stick to the first piece of this truism. Next time, we’ll address Part Deux. Two days ago, a dear friend told me she recently had two surgeries. For two weeks she told no one. They were big surgeries and the reason for the surgeries caused her enormous fear: she feared she would leave her children motherless. That’s LIFE right there, folks.

Upon receiving this information, I contemplated my choices. She gave me the go-ahead to tell a friend. I did. And then I told another and another. I decided we needed to round up the girls and intervene with love to ease this woman’s burden and bring light into her world to help her heal. My friend, if you’re reading this, I’m about to ruin your surprise.

I confess to having recent turmoil in my life. The result: anxiety, tension, pain and stress. I have allowed it to distract me. And we all know distractions have consequences. For weeks. Tired of this constant distraction and the pain it caused, I decided to focus for the moment on how to help my friend heal. And guess what? Magically, these feelings and their symptoms disappeared. All I had to do was focus on how to help someone else.

The girls decided we would each gift her with our talent. Those God-given gifts we have a responsibility to share with others. I’m fortunate enough to have found at least one of mine – food. I LOVE to cook – especially for those I love. Watching people’s faces taste what I’ve made, savor each bite. Lawd, makes my mouth water just thinking about it…

So I’m cooking for my friend. She’s getting brunch at my house with the girls. Another woman is gifting her a pilates class. Another an Alexander Technique session. Another a spiritual healing. We are simply doing for another what we love to do ourselves.

Not one of us hesitated and each of us was filled with pure joy at the mere thought of doing what we love to do!

I recount this story because it is a reminder of what the power of giving to another human does for the Spirit of the Giver. IT HEALS THE GIVER.

Reaching out to a person, in the smallest way, warms our heart. I defy you to tell me otherwise. Open someone’s door. Help someone across the street. Pick up someone’s napkin. Smile and say good morning. It warms your heart as it warms theirs. Imagine what happens when you do more.

Sharing yourself and your talents with another is a gift we give ourselves. My angst today is diminished because for a brief moment my focused intention was to help a friend. And in so doing I healed my troubled spirit. That’s MAGIC.

You may be wondering: Giselle, what does this have to do with food? Well, my fellow EcoRicans, consider this post food for the soul.

Please help someone today in whatever way makes you feel good.

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