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Green Your Holidays!


Giselle’s 5 Simple Ways to Green Your Holidays

1. Recycle wrapping paper / Reuse Gift Bags, Boxes and Tissue Paper

It pains me to see how much waste the holidays generate – garbage bags full of plastic packaging, paper boxes and wrapping paper. All of which are RECYCLABLE, including the garbage bag!

I haven’t purchased a gift bag or tissue paper in YEARS. Why? Because I reuse all of it. We get a gift, I simply fold up the bag and tissue and store it in my gift bag container. I must have a hundred gift bags in there – for baby, Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s, wine… And bags full of every color of tissue paper.

Think of the money I’ve SAVED by simply folding up those bags and tissue paper. HUNDREDS of DOLLARS! You can too. Why not try it this year?

2. Buy Fair Trade Chocolate Products

If any of you have seen EcoRico Ep. 003, you know that most of the world’s chocolate is produced in Sub-Saharan Africa, much of which is farmed by CHILDREN, many of whom are TRAFFICKED! Yes, child slave labor makes much of the chocolate made by the big chocolate companies on our glorious planet.

When you buy Fair Trade chocolate, you ensure that 1) chocolate is produced in an environmentally sustainable way, 2) those who produce it are paid a fair wage and 3) no child slave labor is used to produce it. BUY FAIR TRADE!

3. Buy 100% Soy or Beeswax Candles

Most candles bought in a supermarket or store are made from paraffin wax, a petroleum-based wax derived from oil distillates. When burned, the carbon fumes release CO2 and several known carcinogens, compounding our planet’s atmospheric problems. What to do, you may ask? Buy 100% Soy or Beeswax candles!

Soy and Beeswax candles burn cleaner, longer and are made right here in the US of A. As far as bang for the buck goes, soy is your best bet. The fragrance in soy candles lasts longer than in paraffin wax candles because soybean oil lowers the melting point of the candle, more quickly dispersing its scent. They clean up with warm, soapy water. They’re biodegradeable. No toxins. No carcinogens. You gettin’ the picture here?

To clean up the air inside our homes, we need to make small, simple adjustments. So light some earth-friendly soy or beeswax candles and throw on some Barry White. The rest is up to you and your EcoSexy partner.

4. Recycle Your Christmas Tree

This is simple. Drag it out of the house, chop it up (or not, depending on the size) and put it in the green bin.


If possible, PLANT IT!

Either way, say a prayer of thanks to that tree for all the beauty and happiness it provided you and your loved ones throughout the holidays.

5. Do One Kind Act for Someone Every Day

I live by the Golden Rule – treat others as you would have them treat you.

How do you feel when a complete stranger does something kind for you? It could be as simple as giving you a quarter when you’re short in the Starbucks line or your meter’s about to expire and you have no change left.

I love when someone genuinely smiles at me. Or says “Bless you” when I sneeze. Or opens a door for me. Or picks up trash on the ground.

These simple acts of kindness warm the hearts of those who receive them. So do them, regularly, unconditionally and with grace. Start now. I promise you the gift you receive will be great in-deed.

Why is this on Giselle’s Holiday Green list? Because Mother Earth gives and loves unconditionally and I believe we should too.

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