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Feed Your Temple

Last week I was interviewed for an article for Latina Style magazine. (I was also in the May/June issue!) This time the reporter wanted to know about foods that help prevent and control Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol. I did the research and was frankly stunned by the wealth of studies on Power Foods.

Which got me thinking…

What you eat, how you eat it, what you eat it with impacts how it gets digested and processed by the body. This 411 is critical to your well-being, and, by extension, your happiness! So I’m gonna give it to ya’. Cause, as you all know, happy people don’t want to blow up the planet, they want to save it!

Perfect example – eating avocado increases the absorption rate of beta-carotene. If you combine avocado with a food high in beta-carotene like red pepper, cilantro and spinach, voilà, more beta-carotene in the body.

Why is this important? Beta-carotene protects cells from free radicals, enhances immune system function, aids in reproductive health and converts into retinol (vitamin A) in the body.

Oats slow the rate the body breaks down and absorbs carbohydrates, which steadies blood sugar levels. Hence, the fact that oats are a super food for the prevention of diabetes and lowering of LDL (bad) cholesterol in the blood.  Eat ½ cup of cooked oatmeal plus a banana and you get 10 grams of soluble fiber, your RDA for soluble fiber! So simple and easy. Yep, that’s my bowl of oatmeal with dried berries. YUM!

Berries are loaded with magnesium, antioxidants, folate and fiber – all nutrients which help lower high blood pressure. Hello? I LOVE berries!! They’re sexy, yummy and tasty.

People think in terms of lack when it comes to diet. I LOVE to eat! When I’ve gained a couple pounds, I try not to deny myself what I like. When I do, I eat more. There’s something about lack mentality that perpetuates the problem.

Instead, I cut back on the amount I eat at one sitting and increase exercise. Yes, it can be a royal pain not to have that heaping second plate. You gotta have discipline… I know that can be tough. But only one person can do it. And that’s you.

What I’m saying is, learn about what to eat and how to eat it and your life will improve! Yes, I said that. You gotta look good, feel good and eat good, to do good. Let’s start with what you’re feeding your temple. That’s my stocked fruit bowl. Check out my recipe page for some crazy yummy, super healthy dishes!

Savor your food today and know you’re doing something good for yourself. ¡Buen provecho!

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