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Detach and Succeed

I love this picture. Reminds me of the winding path of LIFE. After 8 years, I once again picked up “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” by Deepak Chopra. First thought: “Why did it take so long?” Second thought: time is relative. The master appears when the student is ready. And so we begin anew – in a deeper, more open, more accepting manner…

I’ve been thinking a lot about DETACHMENT. Detachment from my attachment to a specific result. To detach from a result never means to not have goals. We must have goals! Goals keep us focused on what we want to achieve in life. To manifest our intentions and desires, we need goals. Instead, detachment is about letting the universe, God, Spirit do its magic and create the opportunities that lead us to our goals.

And, yes, we must be prepared when opportunity knocks. But we must let go of knowing how and when that opportunity will come.

I spent many years trying to force a career path that didn’t follow the trajectory I envisioned. I’m now on that amazing path but in a way I never imagined. I stayed in a relationship, even though my entire being was wracked with suffering. I just KNEW this man was better than he acted. Truth be told, how he acted was exactly who he chose to be. That’s reality.

In every instance, once I released, the world opened up in miraculous, unexpected ways.

Detachment is about living in uncertainty, not knowing how you’ll get from A to B, but, having unquestioning FAITH that you will get there. Not forcing solutions, but letting life happen.

When we let go of attachment to a certain result, a world of possibility, creativity and freedom opens for us. It is in this uncertainty that we manifest our true intentions and desires. As Deepak says: “Good luck is nothing but preparedness and opportunity coming together…This is the perfect recipe for success, and it is based on the Law of Detachment.”

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