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Building an Empire

6/11/10 – 6/23/10

Editing. At this point I’m sitting in a corner, holding my knees wondering WHAT THE HELL?! As a producer, post-production has shown me two things 1) I LOVE my talent and 2) I’m a complete neophyte when it comes to editing. Alas, it’s all for a good cause, right? The Planet.

When you’re an Army of One…

You still need troops.

But only if the job requires troops.

And this one doesn’t, so here I am nine straight hours into editing for the umpteenth time while on vacation in Atlanta for my Dad’s surprise birthday.  I got him a belly dancer. It was a hit. Then I went back to editing…

Today, I turned in my cuts for episode 002 to Jimmy, who’s gonna put it all together into a show. Hopefully, ya’ll’ll love it.

So what’s new with Eco-Rico? We have an official logo!  Since we’re keeping it in the family, my Mom and I designed it on a piece of paper. She, the artist, translated my words and chicken scratch to the page. Then, a dear friend and former graphic artist, translated Mom’s drawing to a logo. Troops. There’s a theme going on here.  We need a little help from our friends. Cliché, but true.

Tomorrow I start writing and researching Eco-Rico episodes 003 and 004. I locked in my Guest Chefs and figured out the topics for my Eco-Facts. I spend so much time researching. If we’re gonna raise our eco-tegrity, we best have some integrity about it. So research. And more research.

That’s how I learned about child slave labor in the production of cocoa. Reprehensible. Injustice makes my Puerto Rican blood boil. And a pissed-off Latina is gonna do something about it!

So I write. And rewrite. Streamline and fine tune. The creative process. Exposing what I find so we can all make informed choices about who gets our money. Cause that’s what gonna create change, right? Who gets our money? If our currency keeps ending up with the companies buying chocolate produced by children, they have no incentive to change their evil ways.  Capisce?

I get butterflies in the belly gearing up for a shoot. Brain fires on all cylinders. Skin tingles. I’m not sitting in front of the computer. I’m up. I’m alive. Action!

But right now, I’m going for a run. In 100 degree humid weather. That should clear my brain.

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